Simple, affordable, & powerful software for contractors

Runjob is a product created for contractors who want to process submittals, requests for information (RFIs), letters, potential change orders (PCOs), and transmittals in short order and with simplicity. Our web based construction project management software is well suited for anyone related to the construction process: general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and even owners.

The following industries, whether subcontractor or supplier, benefit from Runjob: masonry, glazing/glass, electrical, heating/venting/air conditioning, mechanical, fire suppression, concrete, structural steel, drywall, painting/coating, pile driving, jet grouting/ground improvement, guardrail, sign installation, plumbing, and on and on.

Runjob benefits owners as well: municipalities, highway departments, ports, cities, counties, and national homebuilders.

Our software was designed by contractors. We have designed the screens and processes to be easy to use and intuitive. We have not designed the process to require weeks of training in an offsite location. We have designed the program to be bought before lunch with the assumption that you want to be writing RFIs after lunch. Throughout the program you will find tips and pre-emptive questions answered at your fingertips!

Whether you have 40 years into the business as a project manager, you’re starting up a new company, you currently work for an ENR Top 400 company, or you’re brand new to the industry, you will benefit by the efficiency gained and professionalism exuded by Runjob.